Lisa White on the Gatti Chair

WGSN Trend Day – 30th September 2019

WGSN Trend Days 

We exhibited in the spring at the St Etienne Design Biennale 2019 at the very kind invitation of Lisa White, curator of the whole event. Lisa’s day job is as a trend forecaster for WGSN. Again, she invited us to make an appearance in illustrious company at one of the WGSN Trend Forecasting Days. We only caught one lecture – the (rather scarily titled Health, Wellness & Fitness talk, was actually, ‘Mindful Hedonism – Sex, Dogs & (Vegan) Sausage Rolls,’ section. It was so illuminating to relate these predictions to what we’re seeing in trends.

Afterwards Gavin was interviewed by the charming Nina & filmed by the delightful Marco.

The very regal gentleman was one of the security guards at the Regent’s University, and he said he felt like a King. We think he looks every inch an Emperor!