Lampoon Magazine – May 2020

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Back in May 2020 we had the very great honour of featuring in the online part of Lampoon Magazine – and then a little later, the very talented, thoughtful & considerate Federico came to photograph for the print publication.
He was our first visitor post you-know-what, and the beautiful results are no surprise.
The fascinating tome arrived the other day – perfect for reading by the fireside on the wet Sunday that’s forecast. This is a special edition edited by Stefano Boeri, of the magnificent Bosco Verticale.

Edited in Milan and printed in Italy, they kindly featured us in their beautiful print edition, and you can also read more here:

Have a read: Lampoon Magazine article

Federico photographs the Gatti Grown Chair for Lampoon Magazine

A photographer takes photographs of a willow grown chair in a large, almost empty warehouse space

Federico (with a mask) sits in the Gatti Chair - he photographed the Chair Orchard for Lampoon magazine