75 Designers pour un Monde Durable

75 Designers pour un Monde Durable by Geneviève Gallot – May 2020

A very exciting parcel arrived today May 9th 2020

75 Designers pour un Monde Durable. 


75 Designers for a sustainable world.


“Your project is just great! And your communication very good… I have selected the projects for my book regarding 2 dimensions: quality of sustainability AND quality of design. For both of these reasons, Full Grown had to be included.”

Geneviève Gallot – Author of ‘75 Designers for a sustainable world’ and former Ancienne Directrice de l’Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs 2020


It’s all in French so will take us a little while to read it, but it’s a beautiful, beautiful book.

Thanks so much to Geneviève Gallot – we’re deeply honoured!


More here: French article