The Clements Chair – February 2020

One of the really exciting things about this project is the amazing people we meet along the way.

Back in 2015, the lovely Joseph Clements got in touch, wanting to learn more about Grown Furniture for his studies in Horticulture at the amazing Kew Gardens.

A firm friendship developed, & Joe studied the concept of growing furniture, teaching us lots about horticulture along the way.

Joe also arranged for Gavin to meet an art hero, David Nash, & to speak at Kew Gardens about the whole concept of shaping trees.

(Speaking about horticulture to horticulturalists with no formal horticultural training yourself – piece of cake!). More on the Kew Lecture here:

Joe also pointed out horticultural ‘impossibilities’, like branches that had grafted together despite growing in different directions.

We hadn’t read the books, & luckily the trees hadn’t either, so this impossibility is seen on the chair we harvested & displayed at Autumn on Brook Street, at Secretcape in Mayfair last September.

Therefore, we’re hugely honoured to present to our friends & followers –

The Clements Chair.

We’ll show you more as it goes through the delicate drying process & the vital finishing…

In the meantime, thank you Joe!