How do I acquire a piece of Full Grown Furniture?


The Gatti Chair - A Grown Willow Chair

The Gatti Chair late Summer 2019 – Our 2nd working prototype.

Our first chairs, tables and lamps are still growing.

The first chair and lamp harvests are to begin in 2022-23 with only 2 or 3 chair harvests for the first 2 years then roughly 20 grown chairs  and 30-40 lamps, chandeliers and tables per year thereafter.

Sign up for the waiting list and we’ll let you know when products are released.

As there are so few chairs growing. You can also ensure one is for you by asking us to grow a chair, table or something specific for your organisation, for you or for  a loved one.

How long will it take?

Lamps are the ‘quickest’ with small ones taking 3-5 years and chandeliers 5-7 years.

Small and side tables grow in 6-8 years with larger dining tables growing in 10-12 years or your company conference table in 14-16 years.

Chairs can grow in 7-9 years depending on the species. Please Note: the photo is a prototype. Finished chairs will be ready for harvest when the branches are nearly twice as thick.

If you are interested call us on +44 7388 514 134

or email us here –

What can I expect?

In a nutshell –  to join us on a journey through craft, time and nature for an experience of unique delayed gratification.  Be part of exciting new mission to collaborate with nature and importantly have the remarkable story of a unique piece lovingly growing for you in our Furniture Orchard in the rolling green hills of England’s Peak District.

It will, of course, take time. We’ll  keep you up to date as your tree grows, invite you for a full tour of the Furniture Orchard and you’ll receive the occasional surprise in the post…


What can I have right now?

Right now you can have a signed book about the story of our first 10 years setting up a chair orchard or book a tour and come see the Furniture Orchard in person. See below for more details.



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