Acquiring a Full Grown Chair


The Gatti Chair in the Orchard

The Gatti Chair in the Orchard – our first sturdy prototype. Grown from willow over 6 years.

We have a great deal of interest from art collectors with a passion for the environment and our message about rethinking the way we do everything we do in the world.

The long process of working with nature means our lifetime capacity is very limited, we are keen to make sure we spread our message as widely as possible and to continue  having our work featured in leading collections.

Sadly only a few collections will ever be able to have one of our pieces.

We would be delighted to hear from collectors and institutions that share our vision, and believe in our message.

If you’d like to know more call us on +44 7388 514 134 (UK time) or email us here –

What can I have right now?

A signed Print or Book of the story of our first 10 years setting up a chair orchard or book a tour and come see the Furniture Orchard in person.

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Lampoon Magazine – May 2020

Milan's Lampoon Magazine 'promotes worldwide cultures, aesthetics, design, fashion & all sustainable matters', and they have featured us at Full Grown. Have a read: Lampoon Magazine more



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