How do I acquire a piece of Full Grown Furniture?

There are two options:

  1. The ‘quickest’ way to acquire a piece is to commission a piece. For example – our commissions for chairs are pre-ordered up 2029.  We only commission roughly 30 pieces each year – 10 chairs, 15 Lighting pieces and 5 Tables. Other pieces are commissionable – please enquire through
  1. You can also sign up for the waiting list and we’ll let you know when products are released. What can I expect?


In a nutshell –  to join us on a journey through craft, time and nature for an experience of unique delayed gratification.  Be part of exciting new mission to collaborate with nature and importantly have the remarkable story of a unique piece lovingly growing for you in our Furniture Orchard in the rolling green hills of England’s Peak District.

It will, of course, take time. We’ll  keep you up to date at least twice a year, invite you for a full tour of the Furniture Orchard and you’ll receive the occasional surprise in the post…






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Grown Willow Chair

Feature in Milan-based Newspaper, Living Section

One of Italy's major newspapers, Corriere della Sera, kindly featured us in an article in their Living section. To be featured in a newspaper in a land renowned for such great design is a huge more



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