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St Etienne Biennale – March 2019

St Etienne Biennale – March 2019 – A Biennale for seeing, participating, thinking…

Exhibitions supported by designers, artists and researchers, each around a theme related to major economic, societal or environmental issues.

After Alice and Gavin met the brilliant Lisa White at Milan Furniture Fair, she honoured Full Grown by including us in her exhibition “Systems, not Stuff”, as part of the St Etienne Design Biennale 2019, “Me, You, Nous”.

You can read a great interview with Lisa from TL Magazine (True Living of Art & Design – a biannual publication in English & French) on the exhibition right here

Lisa makes some extremely important points about the future of design.

It’s important for us all, not ‘just for designers’!

We’re so proud to be involved in ‘Systems Not Stuff’ – thanks Lisa!

Gavin with some of the amazing team at St Etienne

Gavin being interview by Melanie Marullaz from Activmag

Paula Zuccotti (Everything we touch) and Lisa White, Curator, & Trend Forecaster & Future Thinker

Gavin speaking at the conference