Gavin Munro speaks at Royal College of Art – January 2018

24th January 2018 –

Gavin was delighted to be invited by the illustrious Hannah Stewart, of the Royal College of Art to explain Full Grown to Future Make Spaces in Redistributed Manufacturing project.


Speaking with Asif Moghal of  Autodesk speaking of the self-designing robots of the future,

together with

John Willshire of Smithery , speaking of all things design was a great honour.


Fascinating ideas about the future of design and our capabilities on the planet.

Gavin was thrilled to be invited to speak in such extremely illustrious & intellectual company, to such an interested & positive crowd.

Thank you Hannah, Asif & John for the opportunity, the ideas & the focus.

Looking forward to seeing you in a field sometime soon…

Some of the other practitioners of Grown Furniture – Axel Erlandsson, Becky Northey & Peter Cook of Pooktre, and Dr. Chris Cattle

Asif Moghal, Gavin Munro, Hannah Stewart at the Royal College of Art

John Willsher of Smithery – Royal College of Art