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Exporting is GREAT!

Exporting is GREAT! We have been greatly supported by our friends at the Department for International Trade, especially our friend Kathryn Borg. With the support of the Department for International Trade, we’ve been able to export to many different countries, as well as featuring in some ad campaigns to show that if we can, you […]


Gavin Munro speaks at Royal College of Art – January 2018

24th January 2018 – Gavin was delighted to be invited by the illustrious Hannah Stewart, of the Royal College of Art to explain Full Grown to Future Make Spaces in Redistributed Manufacturing project.   Speaking with Asif Moghal of  Autodesk speaking of the self-designing robots of the future, together with John Willshire of Smithery , speaking of all […]


Interzum – Cologne, Germany 2017

Interzum – Cologne, Germany 2017 Another big event for Gavin, as he was asked to both exhibit and speak at one of the world’s largest fairs for furniture production and interior design, Interzum, held in Cologne, Germany. As part of the “Circular Thinking” conference, Gavin spoke to a number of the fair’s attendees, mainly comprised […]


European Academy of Design Conference – 14th April 2017

European Academy of Design Conference – 14th April 2017 This year continued its theme of excitement, with Gavin being asked to present a keynote speech at the European Academy of Design Conference at Sapienza University, in Rome, Italy. The conference was based on the idea of “Next”, or what methods and the object produced would […]


Climate KIC & The New Shed – Autumn & Winter 2014/15

  Climate KIC is an initiative of the EU, helping to maximise low-carbon activities.  They have been very generous with funding, support with business advice and some fantastic Entrepreneurs in Residence (Stephen Harries & Richard Davies – both pictured below with Gavin). This year, some of the funding went towards building a much needed shed […]


BBC Website with short film

Back in May, we had the lovely Elizabeth Hotson to visit, helping Gavin to fulfil his lifetime ambition to speak on Radio 4. Elizabeth’s article has just been published on the BBC website, together with a short film by the delightful Ed Ram (pictured here with a multi-Lina-the-dog image), who visited us in June.


BBC Radio 4 – PM – 30th May 2015

Initially, Gavin thought he’d only be happy to talk about the Furniture on BBC Radio 4. Here we go! Start listening from 24 minutes & 13 seconds. (Picture – Gavin with Elizabeth Hotson)


Spring time commute

Now its Spring time the commute home from work is getting really good. Lots of lovely trees and hedgerows that aren’t my problem! Many of our design elements though are based on things observed wandering home down the green lane.


Daily Mail – 10th April 2015

We’ve been featured on one of the biggest English language news websites in the world – the publication might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we’ve certainly received some interest via this page. Many thanks to Daniel Miller (Article) & Stephen Lawrence (Picture Desk). 



Le Monde – March 28th 2019

Another day, another marvellous article, this time in French from the world-famous Le Monde... The article talks about other exhibitors in St Etienne using the natural world to create objects & more



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