Interior Design Magazine, 7th April 2019 – The 2019 Biennale Design in Saint-Étienne Highlights Common Ground

Giovanna Dunmall for Interior Design Magazine


The 11th edition of the Biennale Internationale Design in Saint-Étienne is underway, celebrating the theme Me, You, Nous: Designing Common Ground.

The standout show—“Systems, not Stuff”—was created by this year’s Biennale curator Lisa White and focuses on the need for new systems of making and consuming things, recycling them, or not making them at all. “The future will be about bio-facturing, not manufacturing,” says White.

“Artist and designer Gavin Munro grows chairs in a furniture orchard in Derbyshire, England. Living trees are grafted and woven around a frame and coaxed into the right shape before being harvested and planed. This particular chair took seven years to grow, bringing the idea of slow design to a whole new level. Munro calls the process “a Zen form of 3D-printing.” His company, Full Grown, has a waiting list for chairs up to 2025.”


Read on for highlights of the entire exhibition: