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“Much more than a piece of furniture – a combination of man’s skill and Mother Nature. I feel like I’m being caressed by Nature…some things are worth waiting for.  As a gardener I know what I’m sat on. Time, skill & something unique.”

Christine Walkden, Horticulturalist, Lecturer and Broadcaster  on The One Show – BBC 1

Our Vision – Time, Nature and Patience

We at Full Grown are developing an elegant, bio-facturing process that emits oxygen, absorbs CO2 and whose byproducts sustain the birds, the bees and other wildlife.

Our unique pieces are the result of an elegant collaboration with nature, an expression of patience and consideration.

Our company starts with our elegant, unique and eminently touchable furniture, nurtured over many years like vintage wines and whiskies, but our vision is to propose a new way of thinking about the objects with which we surround ourselves.

Who's been sitting in our chairs?

Lisa White

Lisa White


“I have never sat in a chair that feels so alive! Full Grown demonstrates that the future will be about bio-facturing, not manufacturing, it will be about patience more than production.”

Lisa White – Head Curator, Design Biennale, Saint Etienne, France 2019 & Creative Director at  WGSN.

Nicole Unicole

Nicole Unicole


“Sometimes you see a collection which makes you feel like there is hope for the world. Full Grown has that collection. Made with so much love and knowledge about nature. An asset to the world.”

Nicole Uniquole – Curator Dutch Pavilion – Salone del Mobile, Milano 2018

Rossana Orlandi

Rossana Orlandi


“I would like to present your Grown Chair in my gallery… …big pleasure!. Super love Rossana”

Rossana Orlandi – Gallerist – London Design Fair 2019

The Gatti Chair – Harvested in 2018 and grown over 6 years,  it’s our first fully functioning prototype.

 “We are very, very happy with your jewel!!!”  

Briggitte Maurer -Zürich, Switzerland


“I LOVE my chair!!”

Marnie Holoubek, USA


“This is awesome, thanks so much!!’

Alex Manning, UK


Breathtaking, absolutely beautiful and an amazing piece of design, art, and innovation! People have to see it to believe… and now they can!”

David Tooby, UK


“Your project is just great! And your communication very good… I have selected the projects for my book regarding 2 dimensions: quality of sustainability AND quality of design. For both of these reasons, Full Grown had to be included.”

Geneviève Gallot – Author of ‘75 Designers for a sustainable world’ 





Press, Customers and Partners

Connection & Collaboration

Our limited edition pieces have travelled the globe and been displayed in galleries and museums alongside the greats such as Tom Dixon, David Nash, Thomas Heatherwick and John Makepeace.

Additionally, our chairs are on permanent display in the National Museum of Scotland, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, and the Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collection.

They have graced the pages of national and global publications from the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Financial Times, to CNN , CBS and BBC1’s The One Show and Countryfile.

What is growing?

What is growing?

Our first row of Willow Chairs

Creative collaboration is the ultimate goal.

Each tree is well nurtured and tended. All we ask of the tree is that it grows along certain pathways. Even when we cut the tree down, new branches grow back more vigorously.

This means a constant rotation of harvests similar to a vineyard.

We have orders taken in 10 countries over 4 continents.

Reserve a chair here or Commission a chair for you or a loved one


Who are Full Grown?

Who are Full Grown?

Alice & Gavin at Secretcape, Mayfair, London

Full Grown is headed by Alice and Gavin Munro. Inspired by the beauty of nature, geometry and the desire to work with wood, they have spent the last 13 years studying and developing the techniques and craft of Tree Shaping and Botanical Craftsmanship.

Read more about the story


“Full Grown is creating unique and individual heirlooms and systematically sowing the seeds for future generations to enjoy.”

– Sally Mosley, Derbyshire Life

How do we grow a chair?

Animation by Melanie Wigger

A complete reconsideration of the way we make our objects.

“…a new mode of mass production, a forest that grows chairs, it could provide durable, beautiful objects to serve basic human needs.” – Sarah Laskow, Atlas Obscura

Furniture has been a part of civilised life for thousands of years, as is the way we make it.

Whilst often effective in some ways, this process is highly wasteful, considerably damaging to our environment, and, when the complete process is taken into account, very slow – it takes at least 50 years before you have a tree that is worth cutting down.

We decided that in a time of change, when our future objects may be printed, by growing the trees directly into shape we can make objects that are more personal, elegant and durable.

This Botanical Illustration of our Nelson Armchair is one of a series of three limited editions, illustrated by artist Geoff Diego Litherland

So, how does it work one more time?

Plant trees and water well.

Train and graft chosen shoots around the frame.

Once the chair has formed, leave to thicken for a few years.

HARVEST! Season well, plane and polish to your chosen finish.


Lampoon Magazine – May 2020

Milan's Lampoon Magazine 'promotes worldwide cultures, aesthetics, design, fashion & all sustainable matters', and they have featured us at Full Grown. Have a read: Lampoon Magazine more



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