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Mano Namai – Lithuania – March 2016

Little piece from Lithuanian website Mano Namai – you can catch it here, if you read Lithuanian that is –  


Kulture – Germany – October 2015

German magazine Kulture has done a thought provoking full page spread on us here at Full Grown. We are really pleased that the German market has embraced our concept and are as enthusiastic as we are. (October 2015 – Page 65)


Farm Show – USA – 2015

We are proud to be mentioned in the USA in a newspaper called Farm Show by Lorn Monthly. Its really exciting to see that people know us overseas, especially places with large amounts of woodland and forest that could be helped a lot with our method. (Farm Show – Issue 39 – Page 44)


This Way – UK – Autumn 2015

‘This Way’ magazine has kindly added us to an article called “Ten Better Ways From Around the World.” on Page 10. We are very humbled that we were selected for this list. Many thanks to you for noticing how we work. We hope it catches on.


Aftenposten (A-Magasinet) – Norway – August 14th 2015

Helle Skjervold, from A-Magasinet of the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten has done a fantastic article on us. We were very lucky to receive a Norwegian print copy from a friend in Stavanger. (Page 20-25/Issue 33/14th August 2015) Please click on the link below to access the article.


BBC Website with short film

Back in May, we had the lovely Elizabeth Hotson to visit, helping Gavin to fulfil his lifetime ambition to speak on Radio 4. Elizabeth’s article has just been published on the BBC website, together with a short film by the delightful Ed Ram (pictured here with a multi-Lina-the-dog image), who visited us in June.



Grown Willow Chair

Feature in Milan-based Newspaper, Living Section

One of Italy's major newspapers, Corriere della Sera, kindly featured us in an article in their Living section. To be featured in a newspaper in a land renowned for such great design is a huge more



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