Florie-Anne Virgile & Rusty J Matalou film for Myth to Measure

Myth to Measure films Full Grown for CGTN Français – July 2019

A few weeks ago we had the very great pleasure of meeting & filming with fabulous Florie-Anne & Rusty, from

Myth to Measure filming for CGTN Français about our exhibit at the Beijing Horticultural Expo.

We’re lucky enough to meet fabulous people all the time, & amazingly well-prepared & enthusiastic journalists, but these two were both enormously well-informed about our project. They also shared lots of our other nature-based enthusiasms, like wildflowers & foraged food.

An absolute pleasure to meet you – look forward to seeing you again. Glad you liked the sweet peas!

(If you’re feeling quite good at French today, there’s a link to their film below.

If not, wait a couple of weeks & there should be versions in English, Chinese & possibly even Arabic!).