The Edwardes Chair at the Beijing Horticultural Expo UK Pavilion

Beijing Horticultural Expo 2019, with 5 Star Flight Cases. July – October 2019

We were absolutely staggered to be invited to represent the United Kingdom ?? in Beijing Summer 2019  – many countries exhibited, bringing the worlds of horticulture closer together.

We received a lovely email from the very charming Sara Everett OBE, the UK Commissioner General & Project Director for the Beijing Expo 2019;

“I felt very proud that the UK was able to show something completely unique that no other country or exhibitor could match. Part of the ethos of Expos, as set out in the 1928 Convention, is “to exhibit the means at man’s disposal for meeting the needs of civilization or to demonstrate the progress achieved in one or more branch of human endeavour or to show prospects for the future”. Full Grown meets these ambitions in abundance.”

We were also extremely grateful to the wonderful 5 Star Cases for making us a beautiful flight case to get the Edwardes chair & a grown lamp safely there & back again.
So many thanks to the great teams at either end!

(Pictures: Sara Everett & Siyuan Ren)