Daily Mail – Grown Furniture featured once again

Daily Mail – Grown Furniture featured once again

Once again the biggest English language news website in the world was kind enough to feature us – pictures from Rod Kirkpatrick.

Daily Mail – The Second Grown Furniture Article – 2018

Daily Mail – The First Grown Furniture Article – 2015

“Chairs that grow on trees! Willows which are transformed into seats over seven years are available to buy


Deep in the Derbyshire Dales, one of the most curious forests you’re ever likely to see has firmly taken root.

Laid out in neat rows, the trees seem at first glance merely to be growing at bizarre angles. But look a little closer and you’ll see their branches are actually growing into the shape of perfectly formed, albeit upside-down, chairs.

Once cut down and polished, they would grace even the smartest of dining rooms. All of which is exactly what has put such a broad smile on furniture designer Gavin Munro’s face…”