Visit from Jiwei Zhou, student of Diana Scherer, & Zheyuan Zhang RCA – June 7th 2019

We were so thrilled to meet the very lovely Jiwei Zhou, who is working with Diana Schereron creating further structures from roots. You can see a picture of one of Jiwei’s BEAUTIFUL structures from oat roots below.

We have mentioned Diana’s work before – her root dress is pictured & you can learn more about her work here –

Jiwei also brought her friend Zheyuan Zhang, studying at the Royal College of Art – fascinating ideas on biophilic design too.

Not only were our guests really lovely, absorbed & appreciative, they brought some long-forgotten Chinese to the fore. ‘Mashed potato’ might not be a world changing piece of vocabulary, but it was really, really exciting to recognise a word.

Thanks so much for coming – it was a huge pleasure!