Tutti Cortex – Netherlands – 2016

Wouter, who runs a modern gallery in Rotterdam, came for a visit after seeing our Wiltshire Chair on display in the Museum Boijmans, which is not too far from his own gallery. He helped Chris Robinson who is a valued member of the team develop a miniature prototype chair and table. He has written about us on his website. I have copied it below.


‘The Wiltshire Chair’

This totally unique Full Grown chair has been growing in the rural English countryside for years. Gavin Munro initiated this concept year ago and managed to prepare a full functional grow farm to deliver many more chairs and objects. The Wiltshire Chair as seen at Tutti Cortex is one of the first Full Grown chairs that was to be harvested after many seasons of growth.
Gavin has developed exceptional skills planting, supporting, shaping and finishing his designs… working had in hand with nature itself. Each year from now more chairs, tables, pendant lamps will be harvested. The chair that was exhibited at Gallery Tutti Cortex contributed to the improved designs that are flourishing his farmland today. Soon more chairs will follow. Much thanks to Gavin, Alice and their Full Grown team that I could participate in design thinking process as well as checking progress on the field!