Design By Nature - Poster for the Exhibition at Museum de Fundatie

Design By Nature – Museum de Fundatie 10th July – 3rd October 2021


We love the Netherlands, and find so much of their design and art very inspiring. Here was another exhibtion we were sad to miss in person, but glad to see online! The exhibition runs from 10th July – 3rd October 2021,


An exhibition about inventive artists embracing the potential and beauty of nature to shape a new, sustainable world.

How can we save the world from the climate crisis? Is there beauty in sustainability? Aware that nature will at any rate outlive humanity, 33 artists have embraced it as their source of inspiration as they set about designing a sustainable world. Design by Nature – an exhibition about building and furnishing houses using bio-based materials – showcases the inventiveness and beauty of applied art, with a basis in nature, all in a familiar domestic setting.

Design By Nature is curated by Biobased Creations, founded by Lucas De Man and Pascal Leboucq previously responsible for The Growing Pavilion, which appeared at Dutch Design Week in 2019.