A small boy with a metal frame attached to his head

Louis Vuitton and Arts With The Disabled

Many thanks to Louis Vuitton for our inclusion in their amazing Louis 200 project to celebrate the eponymous man’s 200th birthday and for giving each of the 200 visionaries the opportunity to help to support so many brilliant charities.
While each one seems so valuable and is making a massive contribution to so many vital programmes, we feel that the charity which reflects us the best is the Arts With The Disabled Charity in Hong Kong, and a €10,000 donation will be made to the charity for us.
This is in part to acknowledge the enormous and life-saving contributions that access to both the Arts and the NHS has made to our lives, in particular to Gavin’s.
The kindness and competence of the nurses and medical staff, together with access to the Arts and the support of the wider community, allowed Gavin to have his spine straightened and pursue his dreams (including swimming, then learning to walk again). Their example means that we are now able to encourage others worldwide to enjoy the consequences of applying an Art Education to the everyday problems our world presents.
As well as physical disability, this donation is to acknowledge that mental health issues, such as Yayoi Kusama’s, can and do affect each and every one of us. Art is a valuable avenue to express and channel such emotions, allowing us to collaborate as a society to the very best of all our abilities.
It is in hope of people overcoming obstacles and that all of us can succeed, despite disability, despite circumstances, in using Art to share our voices and to bring everyone to a rich and bountiful table.
Arts with the Disabled

People’s differences have to be respected and participating in the arts and cultural activities is a basic human right. Arts have no boundaries and people with disabilities should have equal opportunities to participate and enjoy the arts.

Arts with the Disabled Hong Kong (ADAHK) believes that everyone has the potential for artistic creation and that every individual has the right to appreciate art. It focuses on providing broad-based arts services, arts education and accessibility, professional development, social inclusion and international network. ADAHK organises workshops, exhibitions, competitions, conferences, community events, etc, to popularize the arts among people with disabilities and promote excellence in their works in Hong Kong. For instance, “Ignition Schema” enables participating students to discover their interest and talents, by means of Arts Day, Artist-In-Residence Programme, masterclasses with artists with disabilities, regular exhibitions, etc. Another program, “Community in Arts” allows disabled people to enhance their art skills and increase employment opportunities. In both programs, participants can then showcase their artworks, painting, photography, art crafts and performances.