Polygon Tables


Available in a variety of growth patterns, our tables have been designed to cooperate with nature, and are grown as in tune with the tree as we could possibly make it. This has been a key factor in deciding the final designs, as working with nature is far easier than struggling against it.



Our polygon tables can be grown in a variety of woods, including red oak, crab apple, and sycamore. If you have any specific requests for shapes or woods, please do contact us and we can advise.

They are available in the following sizes:

Small: Table Top approximately 60cm (24”) corner to corner, Legs approximately 45cm (18”) for a Coffee Table or 75cm (29”) for a Side Table

Medium: Table Top approximately 120cm (48”) corner to corner,  Legs approximately 45cm (18”) for a Coffee Table or 75cm (29”) for a Dining Table

Large: Table Top approximately 180cm (72”) corner to corner,  Legs approximately 75cm (29”)

Hand finished in our workshop. All exterior faces are sanded to an incredibly smooth finish.  The bark is left on the inner surfaces.  The whole table is oiled with a high quality hard-wax oil.  The table top is made from specially cut glass sunk into the negative spaces between the branches, so you can still touch the smooth wood on the table top.

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Small, Medium, Large


45cm, 75cm