Pendant Chandelier


Available as either a Spiral or Geometric design. Our Geometric Chandelier follows a growth pattern inspired by Arab and Islamic art, to create an even cage-like structure, resulting in some wonderfully interesting shadows. It was designed as one of two lamps for Åsa Waldenstrom, then of the Tom Tits National Science Exhibition Centre in Sweden.



Currently available in Willow (Salix Viminalis) due to the need for a lighter wood. If you have a specific wood request, please do contact us and we can advise accordingly.

Approximate dimensions: H100cm, W100cm, D100cm (H40”, W40”, D40”)

Equipped with FactoryLux Eco-Filament Pear bulb and bronze fittings from Urban Cottage Industries, the lamps come with knitted fabric cable in a choice of our standard dark brown, jet black, racing green, and red, at a length of your choice.

Hand finished in our workshop, all exterior faces are sanded to an incredibly smooth finish, the bark is left on the internal faces, and the whole lamp is oiled with a high quality hard-wax oil.