Arm Chair

The ultimate goal for almost anybody who shapes trees, the first of these Arm Chairs was begun in 2012, and they have been lovingly cared for and subtly refined from that day. Soon it will be time for our first chair harvest.

These chairs take  7-9 years to grow and another year to season. We are now fully booked up to 2028.  Delivery if ordered this year is estimated 2027-29.

Price on application.


Available in quite a number of woods, displaying a beautiful range of colours across the board. The different woods also have interesting features, sycamore being antiseptic, for example. Please do contact us if you have any specific wishes concerning wood.

Approximate outer dimensions: H100cm, W65cm, D65cm (H40”, W25”, D25”), but if you have a specific request concerning size, please do contact us and we can advise.

Hand finished in our workshop. All exterior faces are sanded to an incredibly smooth finish, the bark is left on the internal faces, and the whole chair is oiled with a high quality hard-wax oil.