Become a Chairholder…

Our Share in Chairs investment scheme offers you the opportunity to become involved with the growth of Full Grown by investing in our first 180 chairs to sell on the open market.

Since this project’s commencement in 2006 we’ve gone from strength to strength, and we’re now looking for more like-minded people to join with us.


Click here to link to the ShadowFoundr Campaign Page…     …Or here to download the Information Memorandum


Please Note: If you are from the USA please get in touch with us directly at






We’re not your usual company, and we don’t want to go about our investment in a usual way either. Our aim is to combine investment opportunity with retaining control of our company so that we can eventually become a social enterprise by way of employee ownership.

However, we’ve got to reach our first big harvest first, & this is where our ‘Chairholders’ come in:

As we’re already revolutionising manufacturing, we thought it was only sensible to partner and collaborate  with the wonderful team at ShadowFoundr. They are a FCA approved, financially responsible and a numbers’ savvy investment company.




Le Monde – March 28th 2019

Another day, another marvellous article, this time in French from the world-famous Le Monde... The article talks about other exhibitors in St Etienne using the natural world to create objects & more



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