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It’s been very busy here and we’ve now sold out of the pre-orderable pieces that started this year. Chairs are pre-ordered up to 2023 at the earliest and Lamps to 2020. All new pre-orders are for starting Spring 2017.

If this is all too long to wait there is also a waiting list for other pieces that may come with earlier harvests. ( Any payment can be transferred towards any pieces on the waiting list.

Coming online next...

Even though it been nearly ten years it’s only the beginning of the story  – there are constantly new discoveries growing and popping up…

A herd of Tables

A herd of Tables

We’re really curious about how the new table designs will work. If you’d like to discover more get in touch or sign up for our newsletter to find out how they’ll look.

New Tree Species in cultivation

New Tree Species in cultivation

We started our production pieces with willow – salix viminalis – because Willow shapes and grafts so well. In 2013 we started a mixed batch of chairs in other species – Ash, Sycamore, Hazel, Crab Apple, Sessile Oak and Red Oak. A handful of these will form their final shape this year.

If you’d like to be one of the first to have one of these get in touch or sign up for our newsletter.

See the First Table Smoothed & Polished

See the First Table Smoothed & Polished

Back in January we had the excitement of harvesting our prototype Table. It’s now completely done, and has been touring around the UK with some of our Lamps. If you want to know more or see what it will look like get in touch or sign up for our newsletter.


Wissen vor Acht Zukunft – Germany – October 2016

We're on the tele! Absolutely brilliant future/science show (think Tomorrows World) from Deutschland, written by the fantastic Anja Reschke. Our big introduction to a German audience of 1.8 million more



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