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How do I acquire a grown piece of furniture or art?

In essence it’s pretty simple – there are two options:

  • Commission a piece – cultivation and formation will begin in Spring following your order. If you order now, we may still have time to cultivate your piece starting in Spring 2018
  • Sign up for the waiting list here and we’ll write to you when products are released. The next release will be Jan/Feb 2020

Our methods are closer to farming than to mainstream manufacturing, so for each commission we grow alternates for each item. This ensures you can choose your favourite at harvest time.

The extra pieces are then added to the waiting list –


How do we do it?

Simply put, we take new shoots and guide them around frames that we have designed ourselves. Any joints are made by grafting, a process that results in these branches knitting together, becoming a singular piece of wood that will not come loose. This removes the weakest aspect of furniture, as well as creating beautiful features throughout the pieces. After being grown to the shape and thickness that we want, the pieces are harvested, dried, and finished in a variety of ways. So, rather than growing a tree, cutting it up, and sticking it back together, we just grow the furniture direct from the rootstock.

We currently use Willow for the majority of our pieces, but we have also expanded to using around ten other woods. Different woods have different properties, so it’s incredibly useful to have many different types. We’re particularly fond of crab apple – look out for some crab apple tables in the future!

Coming online next...

Even though it been nearly ten years it’s only the beginning of the story  – there are constantly new discoveries growing and popping up…

A herd of Tables

A herd of Tables

We’re really curious about how the new table designs will work. If you’d like to discover more get in touch or sign up for our newsletter to find out how they’ll look.

New Tree Species in cultivation

New Tree Species in cultivation

We started our production pieces with willow – salix viminalis – because Willow shapes and grafts so well. In 2013 we started a mixed batch of chairs in other species – Ash, Sycamore, Hazel, Crab Apple, Sessile Oak and Red Oak. A handful of these will form their final shape in 2017.

If you’d like to be one of the first to own one of these get in touch or sign up for our newsletter.

See the First Table Smoothed & Polished

See the First Table Smoothed & Polished

Back in January 2015 we had the excitement of harvesting our prototype Table. It’s now completely done, and has been touring around the UK with some of our Lamps. If you want to know more or see what it will look like get in touch or sign up for our newsletter.


Exporting is GREAT!

Exporting is GREAT! We have been greatly supported by our friends at the Department for International Trade, especially our friend Kathryn Borg. With the support of the Department for more



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