Small Raw Pendant Lamp

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We are now taking pre-orders for our new pendant lamp.

This new design of pendant lamp is a result of our previous four years growing furniture. Using what we have learnt in this time, we have streamlined the process to maximise the growth of each piece. Thus, these new lamps are intended to grow for a single season before harvest, and will be Salix Viminalis, the original willow used for our other pieces.

The teardrop shape of these new pendants was designed to mimic and highlight the shape of the bulbs we use, and due to numerous requests, we have decided to leave these pieces with the bark on, oiled and polished. Willow bark can turn some incredibly deep and rich colours, from vibrant green to dark purple hues, and is sure to result in a beautiful finish.

These will also be our smallest lamps so far, measuring 40cm high, and 40cm at it’s widest point.

Due to our method of starting three pieces for every one piece for sale, and due to our dwindling space in the furniture field, we have had to limit the number of these lamps to just ten. We expect to harvest at the end of 2017, and allowing for drying time, have these lamps finished and ready to go in 2018.

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